paint2Whether you know it or not, the colors you choose to light up your rooms and walls have a very true reflection on your own personality. Each color has a unique value to it that others may notice when they walk into your home. Just as each person has their own set of unique qualities, those qualities can easily be reflected in what kind of colors they pick for their home. Say you’re a relatively shy person, the colors you choose for your kitchen or walls might reflect that trait. On the flip side if you’re a spontaneous and upbeat person then your walls might shout that with their paint colors from one room to the next.

Once you know what colors say about your personality you might want to pick and choose what colors go in what rooms. If you want the living room to create a more exciting feeling, you’ll go with a certain color palate. Having one kind of personality doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go with that kind of color. You can have your walls scream the exact opposite. Shy hosts can become the most outgoing as far as their walls are concerned. They might just be wall colors but they can say a lot about what kind of home you keep.

Soft, Warm Colors: These colors are perfect for the fall season. Snuggling up by a warm fire or having a ton of guests over is what these colors are all about. People who use these colors in their home have a friendly and nurturing personality, which makes them ideal hosts. These colors include shades of yellow and orange as well as some shades of a rich red.

Soft, Cool Colors: With these colors you project a more peaceful surrounding. These colors are literally easier on the eyes than their warm counterparts and invite a more relaxing atmosphere to your home. People who choose these shades on their walls are seeking out an oasis from the hectic world outside their home. Introverts will be at peace with the tones found here. Colors in this category include pale blues, lavender, and some shades of green. Often these colors reflect the calmness of nature.

Choosing Jewel Tones: Jewel tones are all about inspiration! Often these are the colors most found in the offices of the artistic or dramatic. People who pick these colors are looking to be inspired when they walk into the room and nudged along during their time in the space. If you’re looking for a boost in the creative department, jewel tones are where you want to go. Colors in this family include ruby, topaz, sapphire, and amethyst.

What Neutral Colors Say: Choosing these colors marks you as the classic type. Your interest in painting your rooms over and over again has frayed over the years and you’re looking for something timeless that you won’t be changing anytime soon. This pegs you as the more practical type of all the colors. You like elegance in your home and the neutral colors are right up your alley. These colors include soft browns, ivory, and beige.

All colors are meant to mix and match with one another. There’s no set of rules to live by when you’re picking which colors you want to put on your walls. Some people love mixing their jewel tones with the neutral look and some just like to have their entire room filled with the classic touches of neutral design. As with every home, the interior is a reflection of the person living within. So no matter what color you pick to express yourself the main thing is that these are colors you love to see each day when you walk into the room.

With fall nipping at our heels, it’s now time to take down all the lovely spring decorations around your home and figure out the design of the next few months before winter sets in. Decorating your home for fall can be a challenge for some. The gap between decorating for winter, which is fairly easy with the use of lights and Christmas ornaments, can be a hassle when trying to decide that the most ‘fall’ themed decorations are. Do you go with items you find outside around your home? Or do you search the craft stores looking for something that fits in with your idea of what fall looks like? The choice is up to you, of course.

But for those unable to get a grasp on what looks good for fall and what looks downright stale, there are some simple and easy ideas that will turn your house from drab to fab. These ideas are not only beautiful for the season but they are inexpensive and easy to find. Which for the busy homeowner and woman on the go – it’s the perfect combination.

Gourd Vase: Gourds come in a variety of shapes and colors and can be found at the local market. Picking up a nice, simple bouquet of flowers will add a unique touch to any table in your house.

Leaf Art: This may seem like a kid’s project but it still makes an impact. Search your land for some nice leaves and bring them inside. Purchase some fall paint colors and dip the leaves inside the dish. Plant them on paper, remove, and let dry. Before long you’ll have simple fall artwork that adds a pop of color to any room.

Monogramed Pumpkins: This one is extremely simple and will welcome any visitor to your home with a touch of class. Buy a few smaller pumpkins from your local market. Carve out the initial of your last name into its face. Pile the pumpkins in a festive display, adding wheat if necessary, and you have a cute way to display your family pride this fall.

Cones in a Basket: Pinecones are free for most people. Just check in your backyard and collect the best ones you find. If you have any glitter you can use it to give a more glamorous feel. Just spritz the cones with a little hairspray and proceed in sprinkling a fine amount of glitter on them. Find an old basket, line it with beautiful fall leaves or fall cloth colors, and place the pinecones inside.

Cornucopia Display: At the store you can find mini pumpkins and gourds. Find some leaves at your local dollar store, or outside, and place all within the basket. Some berries would also add a nice touch.

Mum Display: Buy some mum’s at your local store, they aren’t expensive, and place in a pot. Put some little pumpkins around it, or leaves if you have them, and you have a beautiful flower display. Be aware that mum’s like sunlight. You can also substitute the mum for pansies. These flowers also like sunlight and will bloom all winter long to give you a nice pop of color during the dreary days of winter.

Twine-wrapped Sticks: This is an extremely easy, but cute, decoration to have. All you need is a bit of twine and a longer basket to hold the sticks. Go out into your yard and look for sticks that look in good shape. Find some of equal size if possible. Arrange them in a circle and bind them together with the twine. You can place them in the long basket and nestle some leaves with them.

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